Where to eat in japan,tokyo ramen girl Ep.15&16.Hiroshima&Akihabara Ramen

Tokyo Ramen Girl.
Tokyo Ramen Girl will be introducing hall in the wall, really good ramen noodle shops in Tokyo.
Sushi, tempura, and soba noodles are good, but ramen noodles are really hot in Tokyo.
Tokyo is known to be the world’s most competitive place for ramen noodle shops.
Kumiko-Teressa, who resides in Tokyo, will be introducing amazing ramen noodle shops that are not even known amongst locals.
A comedian who is known to be a ramen fanatic in Japanese entertainment world is going to be doing the report.
There are many different kinds of ramen noodles in Japan.
There are many different soup stocks such as salt, soy sauce, miso, pork, fish, beef, chicken etc.
From rich taste to healthy soup which uses tons of vegetables, you will be surprised to find so many different kinds of ramen noodles.
Changing up the tase with ginger and garlic is Japanese style of eating. The smell of the soup will lure your appetite.
You can also choose thin or thick noodles according to your taste.
Big boiled pork called “chashu”, toppings such as boiled egg and seasonal vegetables are sure to make you get excited.
The price of ramen noodles in Japan are much more reasonable compared to New York, LA and Paris. You can get full if you paid 1,000 yen.
We will be introducing ramen noodle shops from popular spots among tourists like Shibuya, Roppongi, Asakusa, Nihonbashi, and Harajuku.
Please enjoy the best ramen noodle shops in Japan when you come visit Tokyo.
We will be introducing hall in the wall ramen noodle shops.
Ramen noodle places that are not on guide books.


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