SumoKitty and BBM 2014 unboxing (sumo trading cards)

I briefly mention the arrival of my signed copy of David B’s new book – SumoKitty – and then get into an unboxing for 2014 BBM Sumo cards and this time I open all 24 packs.

Link to for getting the book:

My results: I got 81 cards I need for the 99-card set, so I’m missing 18 cards.
I got 38 doubles and only one triple.

Collecting these cards seems like a pretty fun side hobby for me, and I will have access to trading for the cards I need to complete my set with the wonderful folks over at the BBM Sumo Cards Club on FaceBook.

Jason’s SUMO t-shirts (on sale until December 31st):

The official SUMO homepage with the banzuke and daily match listings:

Good article explaining various SUMO traditions, rules and phrases:

NHK World’s SUMO page with rules, explanations and highlights & Sumopedia:

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Thanks for watching!
-Jason (アコーホテルズ)
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