NEW Huge HEXBUG Nano Box Sumo Playset Unboxing #AD! | FPT Kids Toys TV

Join J Baby and Baby Nemo as we unbox these amazing HEXBUG Nano Box Sumo Toys we received from HEXBUG. Thank you SuperAwesome for sending us these fun toys!

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They are available at [Target](!


Box your way to victory with collectible vibration-powered characters!

2 Box Sumo Characters and Battle Ring carry case included

2 nano and detachable bases included

Batteries included

Ages 3 and up

Step into the ring! Pit these kooky characters against one another using vibration technology to push your opponent out of bounds and win the round. It’s up to you to decide what the craziest match up will be! In this king of the hill style fight, only one can be the winner! The ring even doubles as a carrying case for your characters and nano, so you can pack them up and battle anywhere you want. With so many kooky characters, the possibilities are endless! Settle the score of age-old battles, or come up with the craziest fights you can think of. You can even print a template from HEXBUG’s website and create your very own Box Sumo character!

Visit to get your own Box Sumo characters!

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