Sumo Stomp Squat

The Sumo Stomp Squat is a great exercise for building up your leg muscles and having a healthy butt.

For this exercise, you’ll drop into a low squat position like a sumo wrestler and stomp the floor with your feet. Once your thighs get below the parallel level, your pelvis will try to roll back, so if you’ve got ANY CONCERNS about your lumbar discs, DON’T DO THIS EXERCISE!

For those of you who are in good condition and have healthy spines, however, letting your back round a little bit in this natural movement will help to strengthen the posterior ligamentous complex and shouldn’t cause any problems.

For beginners who just want to use their body weight to perform it, 20 stomps are a good goal for your first set.

Be warned! This exercise will fire up the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your butt and legs in a big hurry. Start with just one simple set with no extra weights until you see how your body reacts to doing it.

Because performing the Sumo Stomp Squat can create some noticeable delated onset muscle soreness, start with just one set in the beginning and wait three full days before doing the exercise again.

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