Alex the Explorer in SUMO LAND – Funny Doodles Animation

Alex the Explorer in Sumo Land – Funny Doodles Animation

Alex walks into SUMO LAND .She shakes hands with a sumo master .He is confused how flat Alex’s stomach is and she is too thin .He tells her she should gain weight and become SUMO wrestler .He tells her she can win 1st place He tells his chef to bring a table of chicken, milkshake, custard, cake, pizza

He orders her to eat. Alex starts eating and gains weight quickly
After she gained bit of weight he pushes .her to the gym with a sumo wrestler. The gym can have some equipment in background like punching bag.

They begin to sumo wrestle. Alex quickly picks him up .And bumps him away with her big belly. She is taller and hence has more advantage. After winning the fight she waddles to the table for some more food

The SUMO coach and chef both feed her till she reaches her goal fat weight On TV there is a fight between Alex and the Sumo Champion in doodle land

the wife looking concerned at her husband’s fat stomach growing bigger while he is eating a slice of pizza or some junk food. She bumps her elbow on his big belly to tell him his belly is too fat

He immediately sucks in his fat belly .She pinches his fat cheeks to show he is getting too chubby .Suddenly the both look at the TV as the sumo fight had begun .Alex is fighting the sumo champ She belly bumps the sumo wrestler and flips him over and wins

Alex and the Sumo Coach share the champion trophy The wife now gives her husband milk shake .She rubs her husband’s belly growing fatter and fatter as she dreams of winning 1st place .She dreams of a much fatter version of her husband with the trophy

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