Abi VS. Kakuryu – Grand Sumo Tournament May 21, 2019 – Day 10 Kokugikan (Tokyo)

Raw and uncut sumo (from our honeymoon in may 2019) – What you don’t see on tv

Grand Sumo Tournament May 21, 2019 – Day 10 Kokugikan (Tokyo)
Filmed from the Opposite side (North)
First tournament in the new Reiwa era
And Bow Twirling Ceremony (Yumi Tori Shiki) at the end of the video (6:29)

Here is a little info about the Rikishi (that is what the sumo wrestlers are called in Japanense)
Abi VS. Kakuryu

Abi: Kakuryu:
Rank: Maegashira #4 Rank: Yokozuna (Highest rank)
Age: 25 Age: 33
Height: 187 cm Height: 186 cm
Weight: 150 kg Weight: 161 kg
Country: Japan Country: Mongolia

The rank or yokuzuna is the highest rank og not everyone can be one. It´s a very speciel titel and really cool to see them in action.
Here is a link to know more:

Winning Technicque of this bout (match) : Hatakikomi (Slap Down)
Watch a video of this technique here :

6:29 Traditional Bow Twirling Cereamony (Yumi Tori Shiki):
to know more about it here is a link:

And if you want to know more about sumo then NHK – World Japan has a brilliant website.
Here is a link: (アコーホテルズ)
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