SAMURAI DRAMA “ONIHEI:The Crime Files “(English Subtitles) 鬼平犯科帳

The TV drama version of Shotaro Ikenami’s SAMURAI novel, based on a real story.
The setting is the city of Edo(Tokyo)in the 18Th century.
Heizo Hasegawa, the chief officer of the shogunate’s Arson and Organized Robbery Investigative Division, is recognized for rendering distinguished service by catching one robber after another. In fact, to thieves, Heizo is known and feared as “ONIHEI” which means Heizo the Ogre. He’s an excellent swordsman, but is also kind and considerate towards the week.
These character traits sterm from Heizo, the child of a concubine, being builled by his stepmother when he was young.
Heizo’s charm, his active daily life among police constables and serect agents, and their solutions to various criminal cases are vividly portrayed in this series, along with all of the seasons in Edo. (アコーホテルズ)
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