SUMO WRESTLING Tournament | Tokyo, Japan

SUMO WRESTLING Tournament | Tokyo, Japan
Location: Sumo Stadium – Tokyo, Japan

Watching a sumo wrestling tournament was our most memorable experience from our trip to Tokyo! We spent an entire day watching the tournament. The rituals before an after each match are as much a part of the sumo experience as the wrestling itself.

The rituals get even more elaborate later in the day when the Makuuchi (Grand Sumo Champions) matches begin! There is an elaborate ceremony to introduce the Grand Sumo Champions, and the rituals before their matches are much longer.

I was very surprised by the size difference in many of the wrestlers. There are not weight class in sumo wrestling. Also, the sumo wrestlers in the morning matches were much smaller than the better wrestlers who wrestle later in the day!

If you go to a sumo wrestling tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium, expect it to be very empty during the morning matches. Don’t worry, once the after noon wrestling matches begin, the crowd begins to poor in and the stadium becomes electric during the grand sumo matches.

If you want to know what it’s like to attend a Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo, Japan check out this VLOG!

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