Premium Japanese Samurai Sword Blade Traditional Katana GANGHOMUSA 29 Inches

Length : 73 cm
Overall Length : 101 cm (After packing: 110cm)
Weight : 1070g (After packing: 1.3kg)
Balde Width: Habaki 3.2cm / Kisagi 2.5cm

One of Corea Swordsmith Factory’s masterpieces!! This sword was 100% handcrafted in the style of Japanese Iaido Sword Style by Master Swordsmith Mr. Lee Seung Ho with 30 years of experience. This sword is named GANG HO MU SA after Tokyo’s previous name Gang Ho 江戶 and the Tsuba the Samurais of the Gang Ho region used.

This sword is for cutting Bamboo and Tatami. The blade was forged by hand hammering Tamahagane steel and heat treated with clay application, the traditional method.

This sword features superior shock absorption and strong digging and cutting force resulting from a standard width blade body, a strong blade edge and soft body of the blade.
It cuts outstandingly well without any shock.

This sword makes distinct noises during Iaido training due to its well designed grooves on the blade body.

Objects are often still connected without separation after cutting due to its superior performance, which makes the sword possible to make trick cuts.

This sword is perfect for cutting demonstrations.

The design characteristics include an intricately detailed and handcrafted Habaki, a natural wood sheath and a handle wrapped in stingray skin with a Topaz accent.

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