93rd KOKUFU TEN BONSAI EXHIBITION 2019 PART 1 (video 1/2) Tokyo Feb.9~12

The Kokufu ten Bonsai Exhibition is the most prestigious and the largest bonsai show in the world. It si organized, run and sponsored by the Nippon Bonsai Association (NBA). It is also sponsored by The Ministry of Education, the City of Tokyo and the NHK.
Only the finest bonsai in Japan are displayed and, if there is not a worthy tree between those exposed, the prizes are not allowed.
To win one of the prizes is a great honor to the owner of the bonsai and the bonsai master who took care and styled it. Once a bonsai is awarded with a price it can never take part again to this Exhibition but it could be displayed.
In 2019 the first part of the Exhibition is from Feb.9th to 12th and the second part of the show is from Feb.14th to 17th.

Hope you will enjoy the video.
This video is the first of two on PART 1 (アコーホテルズ)
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