36th OMIYA BONSAI FESTIVAL: May 3~5, 2019 Omiya Bonsai Village, Japan PART TWO

The Omiya Bonsai Festival is held on May 3-5 every year, when it bustles with the many bonsai lovers who gather there from throughout the country. It is also visited by many bonsai lovers from overseas as the holy land of bonsai.
This festival hosts bonsai exhibits and bonsai pot sales exhibitions, etc.
36th Omiya Grand Bonsai Festival
Date: 3rd to 5th May 9:00-17:00 (only 5th May -16:00)

Bonsai Village in Saitama City (Omiya City) where the festival is held is a unique place of Japan’s bonsai culture and is known as one of the most outstanding bonsai cultivating areas in Japan. The village was founded by bonsai cultivators who settled in Omiya in the Taisho era and the bonsai gardens opened around that time are still in operation today. The bonsai gardens are open to visitors for appreciation and you can also purchase bonsai.

Part One:

35th Omiya Bonsai Festival (2018) video:

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