HAZAMA YAKIBA Japanese Tameshigiri Samurai Sword NINJA SHURIKEN NINJATO SharpSwords.com

VISIT HAZ: http://SharpSwords.com — “The Black Ninja Shuriken NINJATO” Ko-Katana is a premier World Class Hand Forged combat ready sword created from a select grade of 1095 High Carbon Steel. The 24 inch surgically sharp blade of the Black Ninja Shuriken “Throwing Death Star” Ninjato is teamed with a 10 inch Black Silk wrapped Tsuka handle for two handed power cutting of tatami omote mats and other suitable backyard targets. This Ninjato is a Custom-Made Full Tang, Double Pegged Close Quarter Combat Weapon that will please the most discerning budo practitioner, sword collector, tameshigiri specialist and martial artist alike. If you are looking for a viciously sharp hard-hitting kokatana, then the well balanced and durable Budo worthy Black Ninja Shuriken “Throwing Death Star” Ninjato by Hazama Yakiba is the sword for you.

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