Sake Fukushima – 福島の酒

For five years in a row, the sake brewed in Fukushima has won the highest number of gold medals awarded by the Japan National Bureau’s Research Institute of Brewing; yet somehow, this fact is not well known, even in Japan. Here, Japanese writer/journalist Tomohiro Hayashi shares his knowledge of the fascinating world of Fukushima sake with you – “Fukushima’s sake is too good to skip. They don’t know what they are missing.” Cheers! 5年連続で全国新酒鑑評会金賞受賞数日本一を獲得された福島県の日本酒。それでもまだその事実を知らない方は海外だけでなく、日本国内にもいらっしゃると聞きました。「福島のお酒のこと、知らないなんて本当もったいない!」と、ライター/ジャーナリストの林智裕さんに語っていただきました。
Featuring: Tomohiro Hayashi, Food photography: Ako,
Directed by Toko Shiiki, Sound recording: Erik Santos
Translator: Risako Fujioka & Erik Santos
©2017 Toko Shiiki Imagery (アコーホテルズ)
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