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Cool Japan Festival Highlights @ Anime Expo 2013! IA & WagakkiBand LIVE @ Club Nokia in Los Angeles

Highlights from the “Anime Expo presents Cool Japan Festival” at Club Nokia featuring WagakkiBand and Vocaloid sensation IA.

IA is a virtual artist brought to life as part of the VOCALOID3. “IA-ARIA ON THE PLANETES” and “IA ROCKS” are both ranked #1 on Amazon Japan Music Software chart. IA-related videos have collectively garnered more than 100 million views.

“WagakkiBand (和楽器バンド wagakkibando) is a musical group from Japan. The shigin lead singer Yuko Suzuhana (elected Miss Nico Nama ニコ生 in 2011) and seven musicians fuse Vocaloid songs with wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments) and Western rock.”


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Twitter: (アコーホテルズ)
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