Carbonara-style Korean Spicy Ramen!! カルボナーラ風激辛韓国ラーメン

MOAR SPICY FOOOOOOOOOD – but with a twist! This carbonara style is great for anyone who loves spicy food but not the messy aftermath. Greatly lessens tummy troubles HAHAHHA. PLEASE USE THE SAMYANG BULDAK KOREAN NOODLES TO ENSURE MAX SATISFACTION. I tried it with a less spicy ramen and it was no where near as yummy.

Sorry it doesn’t look super appetizing – me bad at presentation but it tastes good and that’s what counts!!

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beanmylife is the YouTube channel of Bernie (aka “Bean”), a 22 year old Singaporean studying in Japan’s Kansai region. She has lived in Japan for over 3 years while pursuing her undergraduate degree. She loves Japanese food, music and culture and likes derping around and spending too much money on CDs, gachapon, UFO catchers and concerts. When she’s not emptying her wallet indulging herself, she spends her days trying not to be a hikikomori and avoiding people in any way possible.

Bernie also loves writing and has a personal blog for adventures in Japan and Singapore, as well as contributes to GaijinPot and Cute-Pop.

On this channel you’ll find a mix of everything that Bernie loves – food reviews, travelogues, Japanese music/concerts, silly or weird Japanese things, vlogs in Singapore and Japan and well, just many, many things in general.

Bernie films everything with her trusty iPhone 5, edits with the iMovie app or Cyberlink Powerdirector 11 and scours the YouTube Audio Library as well as Hikosaemon’s Soundcloud for cool background music.

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