Freestyle Art: DUEL AT GANRYU ISLAND (Samurai II)

Musashi Miyamoto – Master of the Sword

Musashi Miyamoto is perhaps the most widely reknown samurai warrior from Japan. Known as the “Sword Saint,” his skills at sword fighting were unmatched during his time and are legendary even today. It is said that he fought over 60 duels and was undefeated. He was also involved in one of the most famous battles in Japanese history at Sekigahara, where over 70,000 people died. Musashi fought on the losing side and survived.

From an early age, Musashi was inclined towards sword fighting and won his first duel when he was only 13. When he got older, Musashi set off on a pilgrimage to refine his martial art and sword capabilities. Along the way, he faced death on many occasions and won all his duels. His most famous duel was against a samurai named Sasaki Kojiro, who was a very skilled with an extra long sword. Legend has it that Musashi fashioned a wooden sword out of an oar from a boat to defeat Kojiro, striking him directly in the head with the wooden weapon.

Having mastered the Japanese samurai sword, Musashi was able to extend his insight into strategy beyond martial arts. He became a master of writing, painting and a range of activities. One of his most noted accomplishments is his book, The Book of Five Rings, which is a record of his teachings on the Way of Strategy. (アコーホテルズ)
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