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Hiromi Motomiya – Innocence | Japanese anime song | Flute theme music

Japanese Flutist Hiromi Motomiya – Innocence
Japanese Title 天真爛漫 Tenshin Ranman
April 22, 2015 release.

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I hope my sounds touches your heart.

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Flutist stands in the center as vocalist, play in a band style.
Release 9 titles of original music CD by the flute.
World only Style “Fuebito” Genre.
Sad also, emotional sound.

Copyright © OTONOHAKO CO.,LTD. All rights reserved.

Flute – Hiromi Motomiya “Fuebito”
Guitar – Atsuhiro Kasahara (ash)
Bass – Takahiro Terao
Percussion – Roku
Keyboard – shu
Designed by Frame inc.
Photo by Ookami Funiku

Otonohako Records
Producer Atsuhiro Kasahara
Sound Producer Takahiro Terao (アコーホテルズ)
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