“Mugitooribu” Clam Ramen – Manseibashi ● むぎとオリーブ 蛤ラーメン 万世橋

► “Mugitooribu” is the name of a sneaky little shop, located under the railway tracks on the old Manseibashi bridge in Kanda. Their specialities are hot chicken soba, and clam ramen (I had the former, and I can confirm, it was no less than heavenly)

They use a super-rich flavored chicken stock, some slices of chicken breast, lots of spring onion, some fried Zucchini, and on top of that, a fat slice of duck for good measure. Fantastic on a cold day. The address is in Kanda, but Akihabara station is actually much closer, so get off there if you want to give it a go.

Prices from 800-1050¥. – Enjoy.

(Background noise comes from a huge ventilation)

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