塩そば 桑ばら 池袋 塩ラーメン Salt ramen Ikebukuro



It is a salt ramen shop in Ikebukuro.
As small, it is a friendly appearance.
Salt ramen is very tasty and refreshing.
Thick piece of pork is browned also delicious.
It is located in the place where it was a little away from the 60 ways Sunshine.

▼ salt buckwheat Kuwahara (Gourmet Navigator)

この動画は YouTube 動画エディタ(http://www.youtube.com/editor)で作成しました
It is Japanese.
I want to tell the Japanese charm.
We have taken this video for that.
Great tourist destination of Japan, of course,
Walk and of residential areas, and coffee shops that local people attend, also I shoot restaurants.
And, also we shoot part of our lives.
If you can have an interest in Japan, I am very happy.

Because I English is not good,
Sentence will use the Google translator, he wrote.

All this video is, it is made using the Google apps.
It is usable for such apps on Android.
The functionality of the application, there is a thing called “Auto Awesome”.
When you select a video, a new moving image is generated.
And me play music that was commensurate with the video.
It is a very great feature.

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