Japanese Tachi Sword

Displaying elegant curves and a deadly beauty, this rare tachi sword is the pinnacle of Japanese weapons artistry. The blade was crafted during the Meiji period from 1868 to 1912, at a time when artistry and craftsmanship in swordmaking had reached its peak. Indeed, the tachi emerged as a symbol of status due to the beauty of their decorative sheaths and their overall elaborate ornamentation. This remarkable blade, with its detailed cloisonné ornamentation and graceful curve, is certainly no exception.

Known as a tachi blade, this elaborate sword mounting was traditionally worn blade down, suspended from the wearer’s belt by cord through the handle. Created during a time of peace, this particular blade would have been more formal than functional, and its elaborate ornamentation suggests its use was ceremonial.

Elaborate decorative swords began to rise in popularity at the beginning of the 17th century during a time of peace and prosperity in Japan. By the beginning of the Meiji era in the mid-19th century, swords in Japan had become closer to art objects than weapons – though their blades, forged under the ancient techniques, were just as deadly. Opulent and highly decorative, these are some of the most impressive Japanese swords to have ever been created in terms of ornamentation, and were often given as special gifts of honor. Today, these swords are a true rarity and a magnificent find.
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