Japanese Samurai Sword Traditional Katana Giwugega Forging Steel SK 5 29 Inches

Blade Length : 74-75 cm
Overall Length : 101-103 cm (After packing: 110cm)
Weight : 1050-1070g (After packing: 1.3kg)
Blade Width: Habaki 3.4cm Kisagi 2.9cm wide

This 騎牛歸家 is a re-creation of katana representing the 備展(Bizen) province during the 江戶時代(Edo Period).
This katana is a typical presentation of a sword representing the Edo Period of Japan.
Starting with SK(tamahagane)
which has a similar composition to that of tamahagane (Japanese steel from NBTHK), 俊基(Jun Gi), apprentice of famed swordsmith國正(Kunimasa Matsuba) of Miyazaki prefecture, uses a traditional Japanese hearth and follows a strict guideline of his sensei to forge the blade (kitae).
Once the blade is forged, 孤松(Lee SeungHo), Korea’s top swordsmith with over 30 years of experience, cleans the blade to make sure it is free of oil and impurities and then applies the special clay mixture yakibatsuchi (a secret mixture of clay, polishing stone powder & ash or charcoal powder) to the blade, which makes hamon.
The blade is then heated up to 720~780℃ and quenched in water, which rapidly cools the edge to form martensite(the hardest type of steel) and slowly cools the body due to its thicker clay coating and forming ferrite and pearlite(softer and more flexible). Basic togi(polishing) is then performed, along with any carvings or personalizations to the body of the blade. Nakago(tang) is polished and the swordsmith’s signature孤松 carved.
The blade is then handed over to our togishi (polisher), who uses multiple polishing stones to refine our 騎牛歸家 katana.
The tsuba integrates a scene from famous poet 陶淵明(Tao Qian)’s landscape painting, depicting a peaceful return of a fiddling cow herder atop a cow.
Saya features half wrap of genuine ray skin near the opening with a premium lacquer finish.
Jade was used to decorate the saya, which adds to the artistic value of the overall appearance.
This traditional Japanese Samurai Katana features excellent shock absorption and cutting performance. It is well suited for collectors, tamashigiri practitioners and Iaido practitioners.
A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.

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