Samurai Residences of Kakunodate | Japan 2016 | Episode 11

Kakunodate is famous for a specific district full of old samurai residences, and this was the primary reason we made the stop in this charming town.
We started the day with an impressive Japanese breakfast. It was so varied and filling I almost needed a nap afterwards, but that was not in the cards.

Our ryokan provides a shuttle service which took us into town shortly after breakfast and left us at our first stop on our exploration of Kakunodate, the Ando Brewery. Established in 1853 and unlike the brewery we visited earlier in our trip, this one does not produce alcohol. This brewery is famous is making miso and soya sauce.

After sampling miso and soya sauce, and picking up a few bottles for home, we made our way to the famous samurai district that lured us to Kakunodate.
There are many intact residences remaining, 6 of which allow visitors to explore their interiors and we were looking for a specific one, the Aoyagi Samurai House Museum. This museum contained a wealth of artifacts relating to the ways of the samurai, including several impressive full samurai armours, swords, flags, and even embroidery and pottery pieces.
It also gave an interesting view at samurai architecture and at how they lived.

By the time we made it to the museum and had a look around it was time to catch our shuttle back to the ryokan for an afternoon of onsen relaxation followed by another amazing kaiseki meal.

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Locations seen in this episode
Kakunodate Sanso Wabizakura (Ryokan) –
Ando Brewery –
Aoyagi Samurai House Museum –

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