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I’ve just updated the Genki Japan download pack with some new posters! What do you think? If you’ve already bought the pack them shoot me an email and I’ll send you the new link!

How to get really good at Japanese really quickly:

*Have you sometimes found Japanese hard or difficult to learn?
*Have you ever been put off by unnatural Japanese in textbooks?
*Have you ever found yourself falling asleep in language class?
* Would you like a fun, exciting way to learn Japanese?

Well here is the stress free way to learn Japanese!

My teaching materials have been featured on Japan’s NHK TV (“Creating a sensation ” they said), Fuji TV (where “The Last Samurai” star Koyuki was singing my songs!) and many Japanese newspapers including the Daily Yomiuri & Japan Times (“learning is a riot” was what they said!)

Now it’s your turn to get genki, energetic, enthused and full of life.

I’ve taken all the best ideas I used to get fluent in Japanese & made these unique songs to making learning easy & fun.

WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS PACK if you value your sanity,
these songs will stick with you all day!

Just learn by listening to these mp3 tracks.

01.Numbers 1-20 Song
02.When, Where, Who, What
03.Days of the Week
04.Months of the Year
05.Hiragana Song
06.Katakana Song
07.Hot, Cold, Fun Song
08. Weather in Japanese
09. Mary had a little lamb
10. How much?
11. Where are you from?
12. Colors in Japanese
13. Left & Right in Japanese
14. Genki Disco Warm Up
15. 10 Little Samurai (Counters)
16. NEW How old are you? in Japanese

These specially designed songs distill the key Japanese you need into short, simple, snappy songs that drill into your brain, just like the most annoying hits on the radio!

They’re ideal for your iPod!

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“Easy to Learn Japanese: Posters eBooks: Anime Version”

.& NEW “Easy to Learn Japanese: Posters eBooks: Traditional”

print them out, put them on your wall &
impress your friends when they come over and
see you know Japanese!

& FREE 70 page Hiragana Workbook!
learn how to read & write the first full Japanese alphabet.

& FREE 70 page Katakana Workbook
learn how to read and write “katakana” symbols
you can use to read Japanese “loan words” & menus

And get my “Get Fluent” ebook free of charge!

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If you find the Genki Japan pack doesn’t work for you,
no worries! You have 30 days to try each and every song and if you are not 100% thrilled you can ask for a full refund. No questions asked!

So try this completely risk free way of learning Japanese today!

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Plus New BONUS:

I’ve just included my secret hiragana A4 pdf posters, mini cards and worksheets. I know they’re too “cutesy” but they’re what we use with real kids in Japan, so just don’t show them to anyone and you’ll be cool – they’re an extra free bonus!

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16 Key Japanese MP3 Songs
Traditional & Anime pdf Posters for each Song
FREE 70 Page Katakana pdf Workbook
FREE 70 Page Hiragana pdf Workbook
“Get Fluent” tricks to learn Nihongo ebook
Bonus Hiragana pdf posters
Bonus Hiragana pdf minicards
Bonus Hiragana pdf worksheets
all for only $16.99 US
You’d be crazy not to join us!

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