HAZAMA YAKIBA Samurai Sword THE SWORD of GOD Japanese Tameshigiri Katana SharpSwords.com

Visit http://HazamaYakiba.com — ShandDi Tian THE SWORD of GOD is a formidable weapon that is Hand Forged from a select grade of 1095 High Carbon Steel using traditional Nihonto Smithing methods. This Tameshigiri Competition Grade cutter is boldly engraved in kanji calligraphy with its name positioned near the Habaki collar, identifying this exemplary cutter as THE SWORD of GOD. This weapon rests within one of the world’s most beautiful wood grained saya scabbards, and the Tsuka handle of this sword is tightly wrapped in premium grade Jet Black Color Silk ito over Natural White real & fresh Samegawa Rayskin. THE SWORD of GOD is beyond perfect for the martial artist who competes in tameshigiri contests, as well as Backyard Cutters who enjoy performing sword kata or rapidly slicing through single, double and triple rolled tatami omote mats. So if you’ve been searching for a fully functional Battlefield Sword that is stunning in both eye appeal, durability and sheer cutting ability, then THE SWORD of GOD Katana by Hazama Yakiba of http://www.SharpSwords.com is the sword for you in Year 2011 and beyond.

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