Tameshigiri katana Japanese Samurai sword 騎牛歸家 (tamahagane) 진검베기 기우귀가

The masterpiece of Corea Swordsmith Factory!!
This sword was named Traditional Samurai sword 騎牛歸家 kiwookiga 孤松之作 after Master Swordsmith Mr. Lee Seung Ho with 30 years of experience and was 100% hand crafted.
This sword is for cutting Tatami & Straw Bunches.
Upon request, we can also custom tailor the blade for Bamboo cutting.
The blade is forged from hand hammering skh steel and we utilized the traditional method of applying clay during the heat process of the blade.
This blade is wide but slim and aided by careful heat treating and grinding, it offers superior cutting force and directional force, resulting in a clean cut.
Due to its outstanding performance, objects tend not to separate even after cutting and trick cutting is possible.
This sword is perfect for cutting demonstrations.
The intricately detailed and handcrafted Tsuba and Habaki are one of the design characteristics.
The sheath(saya) is also handcrafted from natural wood and is varnished with lacquer.
Blade Length 74cm Total Length 103cm Weight936 g
Blade Width: Habaki 3.4cm Kisagi 2.75cm

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