Japanese Sword Tameshigiri Iaido katana Tiger Bamboo (Tamahagane)

Tameshigiri & Iaido 用 Japanese Samurai Sword: BAMBOO TIGER(竹虎) Groove

All the swords are made by 孤松(GO SONG) SEUNG HO LEE who has experienced for thirty years.

This is our excellent & boastful blade, BAMBOO TIGER(竹虎).
The fine martial blade was heat threated and no scars on the blade. (Tamahagane)
It’s very strong and soft. Also, it has good cutting force and absoption of shock force.

The TSUBA is made in JAPAN. A tiger walks in the bamboo forest and it looks like an oriental painting. The tiger and bamboos are on the KASHIRA & FUCHI, too.

The HABAKI is made elaborately in Japanese way.

This sword can be used for cutting swraws & bamboos and also for the training.

Corea Sword is a traditional South Korean sword company, launched a high quality and cheap Japanese sword style Bamboo Tiger. The sword is made of Tamahagane folding steel, single blade, has hamon with high-tech precision manual grinding, beautiful ornaments and sharp blade, it not only can be used as a fine art viewing but also is a good choice of chopping bamboo and straw bales as IAIDO practice.


Blade Length 74cm Total Length 102cm Weight967 g

Blade Width: Habaki 3.2cm Kisagi2.4cm


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한국에 전통도검회사 고려도검이 품질좋은 일본도 스타일의 죽호를 저렴한 가격으로 내놓았습니다.
특수강 단조검신에 아름다운 하몬 정밀수작업연마 세련된 장신구 들이 미술도검으로도 좋고 절삭력이 좋아서
대나무및 짚단베기용으로 좋습니다.

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