HAZAMA YAKIBA Samurai Sword THE KOIZUMI Japanese Tameshigiri Katana SharpSwords.com

Visit http://HazamaYakiba.com — THE CRIMSON KOIZUMI Katana is hand forged from a select grade of 1095 High Carbon Steel. This Tameshigiri Competition Grade DEEP SORI Sica Shaped Cutter possesses a formidable 29 inch long ultra-sharp blade exhibiting a 1.0 Inch sori curvature consistent with Ancient Nihonto sword designs from Japan. An 11 inch FULL TANG DOUBLE PEGGED TaperedTsuka handle tightly wrapped in Silk Tsuka-ito is accented by the KOIZUMI’s premium Tsuba, Fuchi, Menuki & Kashira matched sword hardware set. THE KOIZUMI with its handsome Crimson Colored Wood Saya and Silver Plated Habaki, Seppas & Shitidome, is the perfect bujinkan weapon for rapidly slicing through triple rolled tatami omote mats, goza and other suitable backyard targets, and it is a Custom-Made Cutter that will please the most discerning sword collector, tameshigiri specialist and martial artist alike. So if you’ve been searching for a fully functional Battlefield Sword that’s EXTREMELY SHARP and durable, then THE KOIZUMI by Hazama Yakiba is the sword for you.

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