Adeyto @ AKIHABARA 🚲 COSPLAY Japanese School Girl Anime NEW Amusement by – Wow🤩 I’ve just found a new amusement style in Tokyo🎉 where they let you rent & cosplay your favorite outfit from famous Japanese anime cartoons and also they rent you an electric bicycle that you can ride throughout the city in order to visit the exactly same spots that you saw in the cartoons and you can take your pictures there and fulfill your dreams of becoming the character of your favorite Manga!! You maybe remember seeing me in Kyoto wearing the rental kimono and going to the famous temples to take pictures with the autumn leaves, well in Tokyo you can rent a lovely Japanese schoolgirl/schoolboy outfit and go visit famous places from anime movies while riding their Docomo bicycles! Akihabara is sooo cool right now, the yellow Autumn 🍂 leaves of the Gingko trees glow in the sun and there’s Anime everyday and Maid Cafes and Gundam Cafe and AKB48 Cafe, so much fun, MUST SEE!!! (アコーホテルズ)
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