Hachigane Japanese Armor Tested on Analog Ballistic Gel Head with Katana!

Thrand and Eldgrim test out Iron Mountain Armory’s Hachigane or tatami armored samurai head band to see it can stop a katana cut to head on an analog ballistic gel head. This test has never been done before and the hachigane has a obscure history so this will prove it it was effective and had a functional use in early feudal Japan and the dueling period. So sit back grab an ale, mead or sake and enjoy this first ever explanation of practical use and extreme testing!

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This high quality handmade Hachigane (armored headband) features three chain linked iron armoured plates with a double layered obi of silk and cotton. The hachigane hachimaki was a small piece of flexible / portable armour used by samurai and ninja alike. Samurai would use this armor while travelling or during semi formal occasions to show their status and for light armour protection.

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