HAZAMA YAKIBA Samurai Sword THE BAKUNAWA Japanese Tameshigiri Katana SharpSwords.com

Visit http://HazamaYakiba.com — THE BAKUNAWA 鮮綠色龍 Deep Sori Man Eating WATER DRAGON KATANA is a formidable Samurai Weapon that is hand forged from a select grade of 1095 High Carbon Steel using traditional Nihonto Smithing methods. This Tameshigiri Competition Grade cutter rests in full mirror hand polish and its name is boldly engraved in kanji calligraphy along both sides of its FULL TANG DOUBLE PEGGED BLADE. The Tsuka handle is tightly wrapped in Deep Ocean Blue Silk Tsuka ito placed over Natural White Samegawa Rayskin that is fresh rayskin. THE BAKUNAWA WATER DRAGON is the perfect cutter for rapidly slicing through triple rolled tatami omote mats, goza and other suitable soft targets. So if you’ve been searching for a fully functional Battlefield Sword that is truly spectacular in appearance and cutting ability, then THE BAKUNAWA WATER DRAGON with One Inch Sori Curvature by Hazama Yakiba is the sword for you in Year 2011 and beyond.

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